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Jacob O. Hansen

About me

My name is Jacob O. Hansen, an Oslo-based illustrator and animator with a passion for nature, science and learning. With a blend of social awareness, curiosity and creativity, I approach my illustration work with playfulness and enthusiasm. I use my art to create positive stories that educate and inspire. 

I have studied acting and illustration at Kristiania University College and literature at the University of Oslo, and have worked with, among others, Aftenposten Junior (the children's edition of Norway's largest printed newspaper), both as an illustrator, animator and journalist. In addition, I’ve written and directed several theatrical productions at various small theater companies. This has given me a breadth of experience in communication, visual storytelling and writing, especially aimed towards children. 

The videos

Why Kids Are Key

Now, these simple acts won’t single-handedly rescue our insect friends, but they might serve as seeds of inspiration. Today's bug-loving kid could be tomorrow's scientist, farmer, or problem-solver, finding solutions we can't imagine.


Because children love insects! They can spend hours on their knees in the mud looking for beetles or ladybugs, drawn to their fascinating shapes, colors, and busy lives. Let's give them something they'll love –  beautifully animated videos that teach them about insects and how to protect them.

Hope in Action

Despite the challenges, we can make a difference! That’s why I created Flutterby Hotel: a series of short, fun and informational videos aimed at kids. With colorful visuals, cute characters, and, most importantly, simple, helpful tips and solutions that might make the lives of our buzzy buddies a little bit easier. Small acts like letting your lawn grow wilder, buying organic, or biking instead of driving, really do matter.

About the Project

Two videos are already complete, with four more in the works! With your support, I plan on creating many more, working closely with experts and scientists to ensure factuality, while using my skills as an animator, illustrator and storyteller to bring it all to life.  


With a run time of around 30 seconds each, they are perfect for today's fast-paced social media landscape, and my background as an illustrator also means they can be easily adapted to comic strips for print.

Amidst a
Biological Crisis

The insects are struggling. Scientists worldwide warn that our insect populations are declining at an alarming rate, with more and more species at risk of extinction. Our modern lifestyle is to blame: deforestation, pollution, harmful pesticides, and destroyed habitats are pushing them to the brink.


Welcome to the Flutterby Hotel, where our smallest friends - like bees, flies, bumblebees and ladybugs - find refuge. Within these walls, they tend to their young or sleep through the winter. Yet, their lives aren’t as comfortable as it may seem. Beyond the safe walls of the hotel, dangers lurk around every corner, many of them man-made. 

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